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Welcome to Orimattila

Orimattila is a 16 000 inhabitants green rural city located in an over 200 000 inhabitants Päijät-Häme region. We are a developing city in a metropolitan area. We have good transportation connections to different parts of the Southern Finland. Future garden-like Henna area built in west Orimattila will offer living choices right near a train station. Z-trains start to run from the Henna train station in 2017. A train travel to Lahti lasts under 15 minutes and a travel to Helsinki under an hour.

Human size Orimattila strives to arrange high-quality basic services and cherish leisure activities. In the city there are good chances to exercise and enjoy culture and also to develop yourself in Wellamo Community College. You can choose among village activities, theater, handicrafts, motorsport, orienteering and many other leisure activities. For dog lovers there is an agility hall and even for adventurous a parkour hall in Orimattila. Farm Animal Park in Hevoskylä is a pleasing place to visit year after year. 

For entrepreneurs there are building land and vacant business premises. Pennala industrial estate meets the needs of large companies. City’s own business organ and regions shared development company Ladec give business advice services. 

The city and residents together can uphold home district work, take care of the environment and sustain the possibility to have hobbies. Contact us and give feedback through city’s website in here or Facebook page: Orimattilan kaupunki. 

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More information:

info Finland


Info Region Of The Päijät-Häme (The City of Orimattila is part of the region):


Info Finnish immigration service


Moving to Finland (video in english)


Alipi - Regional Intergration Service Point - Alueellinen Integraatiopalvelupiste

Alipi offers information, guidance and consultation in matters related to immigration.

Service line number for citizens of Orimattila, Pukkila and Myrskylä is 03 818 3195.
Services are available in Finnish, Russian, English.
Call an make an appointment. If needed a service counsellor will come to Orimattila. Alipi’s services are free of charge.

You can get guidance and consultation for example in following issues:

• matters related to immigration (registration, Kela, permits)
• information related to immigrant's rights and obligations (legislation)
• information and guidance about the services in Finnish society
• social security issues (income support, Kela)
• work related matters (CV, work application)
• everyday life (living, day care, schooling)
• crisis situations (family and/or other crisis)
• other everyday dilemmas

For authorities, organizations and other parties Alipi offers consultation on for example in following issues:

• general guidance on immigration matters
• consultation on individual customer cases

If needed, an interpreter will be used (if you need an interpreter, please make an appointment in advance).

You are welcomed to come and talk with a Service Counsellor!


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